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David T. Yu

David T. Yu

President and Wealth Advisor

David T. Yu is an established financial wealth advisor with over 10 years of experience in the financial services industry, as well as experience in mortgage banking, real estate investments, and asset and property management.  After receiving his Series 7, as well as his annuity, insurance and 66 securities licenses, David started DTY Wealth Planning Solutions to assist his clients plan for their future by making their financial goals and aspirations possible.

Always an innovator, David’s entrepreneurial spirits trace back to his early teen-age years, when he sold Christmas trees to pay for his flying lessons. After receiving his Bachelor of Science degree in Airways Science, with an emphasis in Aviation Management from the University of North Dakota, David founded Goldsun Aviation Consulting Inc., an aviation advisory and consulting firm located in Taiwan. At the age of 25, he was awarded a multi-million dollar contract from a Taiwanese airline, where he initiated and managed their Ab Initio pilot training program.

After stepping into the financial world, David combined his love of the sky with his passion for financial services and adapted “The Base Turning Final Retirement Program” to help airline pilots nearing retirement with financial planning. He is type-rated in the A310, A320, and B737 aircrafts and has a B727 flight engineer license, as well as his Aircraft Maintenance license.

David embraces life wholeheartedly. He is a certified rescue scuba diver and an avid downhill skier. He enjoys offshore cruising in power and sailing yachts, and a variety of other adventure outdoor sports. David is fluent in Mandarin Chinese and has lived overseas, both in Europe and Asia.  He has travelled extensively, particularly throughout Greater China and other emerging market countries, thus contributing to his unique global and international perspective.

Derived from his devotion to maintaining the highest standard of ethics, integrity, and professionalism, David advises his clients in a fiduciary capacity, aspiring to create a solidified foundation in which long-term relationships can be cultivated. His passion is to give added value to his clients and achieve their total financial objectives.

David has been featured in the Money section of the USA Today (2002), the Taiwan Daily News (1996-1997), and can be seen conducting educational seminars at local universities.