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Life and Legacy Planning

Taking care of you and your family is our main focus. We are all subject to life's events, both triumphant and tragic. Some of these events are untimely and often out of our control, so providing financial protection to those we love is important. There are various tools that provide this kind of protection, and one of these financial instruments is life insurance. Often overlooked due to cost, complexity, confusion and underwriting, life insurance can sometimes be one of the most powerful tools, providing a variety of benefits depending on your specific situation.

Leaving a Legacy

Leaving a legacy and the manner in which you do so is an important factor to consider when planning for life's uncertainties. You don't need $1M or a massive estate. To leave a legacy, you simply need to love someone. The loss of a spouse or parent can have lasting emotional and financial impacts. Should this occur, having the appropriate death benefit and a tax efficient way to transfer your wealth is key.

Supplemental Income

Saving money for retirement is imperative, but having a stable source of supplemental income is just as important. Certain types of life insurance can add a conservative element to your retirement income strategy, which helps provide flexibility when faced with market downturns. To avoid potential implications, remember that there are many moving parts to this strategy and to always consult a professional.

Long-Term Care & Disability

When discussing the issues of long term care and disability insurance, most of us cringe at the thought of having to pay for assisted living or home care. Yet many of us will end up needing these services and by the time this is realized, the cost for these types of policies will have often increased. If, when and how you should pay for long term care or disability insurance are questions we can help you answer.