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DTY Financial Planning Services

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Here at DTY Wealth Planning Solutions, we take a holistic approach to your financial health. As financial educators we, believe in creating personalized retirement strategies specific to the needs of our valued clients.

In order to develop a customized financial strategy for your future, it's important to get a complete birds-eye view of your current financial situation.  Once we have established a clear picture of what your overall objectives are, we can formulate a personalized financial plan to help you reach your specific goals.

As a full-service financial planning firm, we have access to a comprehensive selection of resources and provide assistance in the following areas (please click on any of the links below to read more about the exclusive services we offer):

Retirement Planning

Retirement planning has certainly changed from the decades that preceded us. Retirees can no longer solely depend on traditional sources of retirement income, such as Social Security and company pension plans. With the ever changing and often volatile economy, SS benefits are being reduced and many defined benefit programs have been cut back or eliminated.

These are just some of the reasons why DTY Wealth Planning Solutions stresses the importance of having an effective and customized retirement plan. Successful planning should allow you to maintain a comfortable standard of living throughout your retirement while ensuring that your money outlives you, and not the other way around!  

An efficient retirement plan should facilitate the answers to the following questions:

  1. What rate of return is needed on your investment/savings for you to retire at your current standard of living without running out of money?
  2. How much money do you need to save in order to retire at your current standard of living and have your money outlast your life expectancy?
  3. How long will you have to work in order to maintain your current standard of living throughout retirement?
  4. How much do you need to reduce your current standard of living during retirement in order for your money to sustain your life expectancy, should you do nothing different than you are today?

DTY Wealth Planning Solutions will assist you in answering these questions and provide you with the tools and resources to help you prepare for a comfortable life throughout your retirement. Whether your goal is to have the freedom to travel and pursue your hobbies or to leave behind a legacy for loved ones, having a personalized retirement plan is key to reaching your objectives.

Accumulation and Wealth Planning

We all want to experience some kind of wealth within our lives. One of the key to aspects in wealth planning is to have time on your side. In many cases, you can use this time to your advantage when investing, specifically for accumulation purposes. 

DTY Wealth Planning Solutions understands that wealth accumulation strategies are not for everyone. We also understand the complexities and careful analysis needed to create a successful accumulation plan for those that are suited. If you can tolerate the risk, have youth on your side or your portfolio has not fully recovered from losses in recent years, you may wish to consider a more aggressive allocation approach. The most important thing to remember when utilizing accumulation strategies is to evaluate your risk tolerance, know what your overall objectives are, and have a personalized plan in place.

Building a steady growing portfolio is not the product of a one-dimensional process. DTY Wealth Planning Solutions can help to determine if these particular strategies are right for you.

Tax Planning Strategies

Rising taxes may be a concern for many individuals, especially those approaching retirement. Because of this, it can be highly beneficial to incorporate tax planning strategies into your financial planning.

The main objective in tax planning is to minimize tax liability wherever possible. High taxes can substantially reduce your income and impact how long it takes to achieve your financial goals. 

DTY Wealth Planning Solutions formulates tax advantaged income strategies utilizing tax-deferred vehicles to help our clients keep more of their hard earned money in their pockets, where it belongs. DTY Wealth Planning Solutions does not provide tax advice.*

*We also provide high-quality tax preparation services through our sister company, DTY Tax Services, Inc. (for more information about these services, please see DTY Tax Services under the Services tab).

Private Pension Plans (Annuities) 

Today, the majority of the burden for retirement income seems to have shifted to the individual. For this reason, you may want to consider creating your own private pension plan and adding a fixed annuity to your portfolio. Creating a steady stream of income when you retire may provide an opportunity to help ensure a portion of your retirement income will be guaranteed.*

A private pension plan is a contract you purchase from an insurance company. For the premium you pay, you receive certain fixed and/or interest crediting options able to compound tax deferred until withdrawn. When you are ready to receive income distributions, this vehicle offers a variety of guaranteed* payout options.

It’s important to note that because private pension plans are designed as a long-term retirement income vehicles, withdrawals made before age 59½ are subject to a 10% penalty fee, and all withdrawals may be subject to income taxes.

DTY Wealth Planning Solutions has access to an extensive variety of well-respected sponsors and products, allowing you the freedom to choose which product is best suited for your needs.

*Annuity guarantees rely on the financial strength and claims-paying ability of the issuing insurance company. Annuities are insurance products that may be subject to fees, surrender charges and holding periods which vary by carrier. Annuities are NOT FDIC insured.

Asset Preservation and Management

Managing and protecting your assets takes time, discipline and careful methodology.  Proper asset management can provide you with the tools to help you reach your financial goals.

Preserving and protecting your assets should always be first and foremost.  As we near retirement age, we have less time to recover from past or potential losses. The failure to recognize this fundamental concept can have drastic consequences on a retirees’ portfolio. That’s why at DTY Wealth Planning Solutions our goal is  to help you preserve your purchasing power, thus enabling you to keep up with inflation.

Diversification and Risk Management

Diversification is essential to maintaining a sustainable financial plan. It is also a fundamental tool of risk management. Simply by diversifying your portfolio, you can pare down your risk for potential losses.*

DTY Wealth Planning Solutions works closely with each of our clients to develop customized diversification strategies that are suited to their personal risk tolerance. When allocated properly, these diversification strategies can significantly help reduce your portfolio’s volatility and aid in maximizing what you accumulate.

* There is no guarantee a diversified portfolio will enhance overall returns or outperform a non-diversified portfolio. Diversification does not protect against market risk.

Alternative Investment Strategies

We’ve all heard of the 60/40 model, right? Often times, most retirees’ portfolios are a combination of stocks and bonds. This type of investing can actually limit your potential for growth. Some financial professionals only offer traditional investments and resources which may limit their clients’ portfolios.

Today’s retirement landscape is very different from the decades that preceded us.  As the industry continues to evolve, the financial world is becoming more intertwined  with the global economy. Working with a financial professional that has an international perspective and utilizes alternative investment strategies can help to keep pace with inflation and the continual changes our market faces.* 

At DTY Wealth Planning Solutions, this unique perspective is one of the many characteristics that sets us apart from other financial professional.

*  Alternative investments are speculative and include a high degree of risk of loss, lack of liquidity and volatility when compared to other assets and typically have higher fees and expenses which will lower returns. They may not be suitable for your specific circumstances as they are for long-term investors willing to forego liquidity and put capital at risk for an indefinite period of time.

   IRA and 401(k) Rollovers

When you change jobs or retire, there are four things you can generally do with the assets in any employer-sponsored retirement plan:

      1. Leave your money where it is.
      2. Take the cash (but you will be subject to income tax, and if you are under the age of 59 ½ possibly an additional 10% federal tax).
      3. Transfer the money to another employer plan (if this is allowed).
      4. Roll the money over into an IRA.

Rolling over from one qualified plan to another qualified plan allows your money to continue growing tax-deferred until you receive distributions in retirement.

If you decide to cash out of an IRA, it is important to find suitable, tax efficient investment vehicles to help you reach your retirement goals. DTY Wealth Planning Solutions can help determine if a rollover is the right move for you and implement an allocation plan to maximize your assets.

Estate Planning

Most of us hope to have the opportunity to pass down what’s left of our assets to our loved ones, whether that be family, friends or a charity. Unfortunately, without the proper estate planning, the IRS can wind up in control of your assets. Creating an effective estate plan is one of the ways to protect your family and your remaining assets.

Estate planning has become an integral part of financial planning. To put it simply, its main purpose is to determine where your assets will go when you die. But more importantly, it clarifies the wishes of the individual and helps to avoid family and state disputes. While the concept is simple, the vehicles, planning and implementation process can be rather complex. Because of estate tax laws and other various factors, it’s important to work with experienced professionals who stay current and up to date with this changing environment. Without a properly structured estate plan, your wishes may not be fulfilled and your loved ones may face unintended consequences. 

DTY Wealth Planning Solutions can help to establish the appropriate account registration required to avoid probate, as well as collaborate with qualified legal professionals to assist with all of your estate planning needs.