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College Planning Services

College. Now who's the smart one?

If you have children, particularly those of high school age, chances are you've thought about college and the associated costs. Let's face it. It's not cheap. Even in-state schools can be pricey. 

We believe that every student should have the opportunity to receive a quality education and attend the school of their dreams. And we believe that every parent should have an opportunity to fund their child's college education without having to take on interest baring loans or tap into retirement savings. 

DTY Wealth Planning Solutions can help your child find the right school with the right fit, while providing you the peace of mind in knowing that their education will be fully funded at the lowest cost possible. 

College Prep

Planning for college has dramatically changed over the years. What used to be a fairly easy-to-follow process is now an intimidating task that can sometimes be overwhelming. And because many colleges are inundated with applications, the acceptance process has become highly competitive.

Students are also likely to limit themselves to popular state colleges that are heavily promoted in high school. Often times, they are unaware of the vast variety of other quality institutions available to them. 

DTY has the qualified resources to assist you and your student through this multi-step process. From finding the right school, to filling out FAFSA forms, to SAT and ACT test prep, we cover it all and will walk you through each phase to ensure that your child is accepted into his or her school of choice. 

College Funding

Once your child completes the application process and receives his or her acceptance letter, paying for college becomes the next big challenge. With the cost of education on the rise, even families with substantial incomes or prepaid college plans may find themselves in a financial bind.

There are also many misconceptions about scholarships and financial aid. Both have become increasingly more difficult to qualify for, and common misinterpretations sometimes cause people to incorrectly fill out forms or think they are ineligible for assistance. These unintentional mistakes can significantly impact the amount of monetary assistance your child receives. 

DTY can provide you with the proper vehicles to fully fund your child's college education in the most tax efficient manner. We will assist in helping to lower your expected family contribution (EFC) to ensure you don't pay more than you need to, and, together, form an effective college funding plan that protects you and your child's financial future. 

For more information on how DTY Wealth Planning Solutions can help you and your family plan for college, contact us today at (954) 933-6565.