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DTY Second Opinion Services

Sometimes, a second opinion can be invaluable.

Most of us wouldn’t hesitate to obtain a second opinion when faced with a serious medical diagnosis or significant life decision. Yet we rarely think to obtain a second opinion on financial strategies, which are the main determinants of long-term financial stability.

Very few things in life are cookie-cutter. Each one of our financial goals and needs are dependent on a number of factors such as lifestyle, income and past experiences. The specifics of these factors vary from person to person and what works for one individual may not be suited for another. This is why second opinions can be so significant.

Opting to get a second opinion regarding your financial matters can provide new insight and perspective, thus giving you a clearer picture of your situation and the path you’d like to take. As an independent, fiduciary wealth planning firm, DTY Wealth Planning Solutions provides unbiased second opinions to prospects and clients alike. Some of the benefits of this unique service are:

  • Helps determine if your portfolio’s asset allocation is in align with your goals, values and risk tolerance
  • Pinpoints any gaps in your current financial strategies
  • Provides an opportunity to make necessary adjustments before it's too late
  • Allows you to ask questions you may not comfortable asking your current financial professional

But most importantly, a second opinion gives you the satisfaction of knowing that you have done your due diligence and have the confidence to make sound financial decisions in the best interest of you and the legacy you wish to leave.

Knowing whether or not your current financial health is strong enough to carry you through retirement is invaluable. Call us today for a second opinion!