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Eligible 401(k) Participants


If your Retirement Plan has what is called the ‘Self-Directed Brokerage Account’ (SDBA) option, then DTY Wealth Planning Solutions can provide you the services to fulfill this unique opportunity. Retirement Plans with the SDBA option allow participants to take full control of a portion of their account. These assets are transferred into the SDBA which expands the participant’s range of investment choices, as well as providing access to professional money management.

DTY Wealth Planning Solutions’ expertise and respected resources enable us to provide eligible participants the same high quality management style as High Net worth Investors, Institutions and Foundations. By taking advantage of the SBDA option, participants have more choices, more flexibility and valuable advice.

Are you taking advantage of your SDBA? DTY Wealth Planning Solutions can provide you with these services, as well as personalized investment options to customize your portfolio and enhance your overall retirement income strategies. Call us today!