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DTY Educational Guides

With knowledge comes power. 

As an advisor and educator, David T. Yu is a firm believer that with knowledge comes power. And with this power comes the ability to make sound financial decisions for you and your loved ones. Understanding the status of your current financial health, knowing the areas you want to improve on, and educating yourself on the options you have to make those improvements can be remarkably empowering. Because of this, David Yu has written a number of informative pieces to educate and motivate adults in, or nearing, retirement. 

The following is a comprehensive list of our Educational Guides. They are available to view in PDF form, upon request below.    

  • Helping You Avoid IRA Distribution Mistakes
  • How to Prosper and Thrive in Retirement
  • How Wealthy People Invest
  • Retire SMART
  • Six Best and Worst IRA Rollover Decisions
  • Six Strategies to Help Retirees Reduce Taxes
  • The CD Shopper’s Guide
  • Proper Use of an Annuity in a Retirement Portfolio
  • Annuity Owner Mistakes
  • The Best Way to Buy, Sell or Replace Life Insurance

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